Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, S4 Value Edition imminent, S5 storage options nearly confirmed

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samsung-unpacked-5Hustling and bustling to remain on top of the global mobile business, Samsung is dishing out phone after phone and tablet after tablet, at the risk of a market flood. Assuming that hasn’t happened yet.

The opening day of this year’s Mobile World Congress – February 24 – is to mark the latest installment in Samsung’s Unpacked series of press events, and all signs point to the Galaxy S5 being in the limelight. But if you know the OEM, you probably already guessed the happening is unlikely to be all about the S5.

Instead, rumor has it at least a couple more tabs are coming, possibly alongside an S5 zoom and/or S5 mini. Also, a so-called S4 Value Edition is imminent, though if floating speculation is right on the money, it can’t possibly be deemed glamorous enough to chaperone the S5 on the red carpet.

In the slate department, a Galaxy Tab 4 series will probably be kicked off, but right now it’s unclear how many members the new family will include and if all of them are due for intros this month. Expect AMOLED displays, high-end specs similar to what the GTab Pros brought to the table, and two paint jobs: Cream White and Ebony Black.

Meanwhile, that intriguingly-sounding S4 Value Edition is, I’m afraid, lackluster as can be, with hardware replicating the standard S4 to the letter, the added perk of pre-loaded Android 4.4 KitKat, and an extremely generous color range: black, white, red, purple, pink, blue, brown. Hear that, Samsung? Crickets, exactly.

Oh, one last tidbit before wrapping up. Apparently, the star of the show, big kahuna, top cat, the Galaxy S5, is on its way with traditional storage options: 16, 32 and 64 GB. Oh, Sammy, why still 16 and no 128 gigs? Have you learned nothing from Apple?

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