Flappy Bird is permanently gone, says its developer

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flappy bird is dead

Who would have thought that a sample game, with simple graphics that wasn’t even original will make it big and create a stir not only among us, tech pundits but also to the whole mobile gaming world? I assume that you know what game I’m talking about, right? Yes. It’s Flappy Bird.

An Android and iOS game with simple mechanics and yet frustratingly difficult game to beat which was released on last year. The developer recently pulled the game from both the iTunes App Store and Google Play, despite the fact that it’s making him tons of money in paid advertising.

What gives? Well, Forbes is running an exclusive report after interviewing Flappy Bird’s developer Dong Nguyen. According to Dong, “Flappy Bird was designed to play in a few minutes when you are relaxed.” But then, the game unexpectedly became so addictive that it has become a problem. So, to solve that problem, Dong Nguyen decided to put an end to it and pulled out the game, never to be downloaded again.

With that, Dong is walking away with huge income from the in-app advertising which according to some report amounted to $50,000 daily. Wouldn’t you do the same if you were in his position? Dong also told Forbes that his life has not been as comfortable as before since Flappy Bird became a viral game. He said that he couldn’t even sleep. But after the game was pulled out and knowing that there will be no more Android and iOS users who are going to download it, Dong is now at peace with his life again.

Meanwhile, many are frustrated for not having downloaded the game when it was still available. This is probably the same number as those who are still playing the game and are getting frustrated for not getting passed the 10 points score.

So, do you think Dong Nguyen made the right decision? Did you get mad when you found out that the game was pulled out from the Google Play market and iTunes App Store? Or better yet? How many points have you scored so far in Flappy Bird?

via [Forbes]

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