Purported Samsung Galaxy S5 retail box pops up, alludes to QHD display, 20 MP cam

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Samsung-Galaxy-S5-boxA new day, a new, slightly tweaked list of potential Samsung Galaxy S5 features “leaks out”. This time, our source is not exactly rock-solid, but somehow the guys at obscure blog claim to have entered in the possession of the next big thing’s retail box.

Should we buy into it? Let’s just say it’s not wise to take it for granted. After all, you don’t need mad Photoshop skills to snap a pic of a Note 3 or GS4 container, then replace their specs with what you assume the S5 will bring to the table, and boom, be all over the news.

Leaving skepticism aside, if the scoop proves legit, we again have to readjust our stance on S5’s potential. In a nutshell, perspectives look sensational compared with last Friday, and pretty much in line with a couple of days prior.

A Quad HD (otherwise known as QHD or 2K) 5.25-inch Super AMOLED display is back in the cards, as are 3 GB RAM. Then you got a mystery quad-core 2.5 GHz processor, which could be an older Snapdragon 800 or newer 805, plus a somewhat average 3,000 mAh battery.

The best news of all, again assuming it’s the real deal, is definitely the rear camera’s sizzling hot 20 MP sensor, up from 16 MP in recent gossip. But what’s up with Full HD video recording? Specifically, why isn’t 4K listed? Guess only time will tell. Remember, February 24 is D-Day.

Via [SamsungGalaxyS5.Nl]

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