Omni-Freeze ZERO: Clothes that keep you cool so you can look hot

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Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 3.28.13 PMYou know what’s not awesome? The fact that we’re freezing up here in North America, thanks to this super annoying thing called “winter”. You know what is awesome? Pretending to work while I peruse sportswear that I’ll be purchasing for the upcoming spring and summer months.

I’m an under amor enthusiast; I like to wear it while I sip protein shakes and watch guys work out at my gym. Sometimes I get a little hot (LOL) and start to sweat, and under armor is a mild help with hiding it. Could be worse, but could be better.

Columbia Freeze Degree 1/2 Zip Top with Omni-Freeze ZERO technology.

Columbia Freeze Degree 1/2 Zip Top with Omni-Freeze ZERO technology

Today, I stumbled upon something that I’m super excited about. Columbia has a new kind of under armor called [easyazon-link asin=”B008917MXK” locale=”us”]Omni-Freeze ZERO[/easyazon-link] that is an already-mainstream form of wearable tech!

The Omni-Freeze ZERO is a new kind of cooling technology that reacts to sweat, causing the fabric to lower the overall temperature of the material. The process allows more air to flow into the swollen pores of the fabric. A second process, called “Omni-Wick Evap” helps disperse the sweat across the fabric for rapid evaporation.

Let me tell you exactly what this means for me: 1) Looking incredibly spiffy at any barbeque, in any weather, with no pit stains. 2) If I do eventually decide to work out, I don’t have to worry about looking temporarily disgusting in my quest for permanent attractiveness. 3) I won’t feel sorry if I wear the same shirt two days in a row. Not that I feel sorry, now.

The Columbia Omni-Freeze ZERO technology comes in a bunch of different styles and colors and is surprisingly affordable, too. Basically what I’m trying to say is I’m buying all of my summer clothes from one place. Sorry I’m not sorry.

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