Acer K137 projector puts big-screen movies, games in pockets

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Acer logoProjectors are oftentimes associated with professional work or school. You know. Presentations in front of groups, or a teacher doing some math work for the entire class to see. Useful? Sure. Fun? Not really.

Those of you, who have never experienced playing competitive console games projected to life-size proportions on a room wall, are missing out. It’s a lot of fun, and it works equally well for movies too. But what projector is the right one can leave people stumped.

Acer K137 home theater projectorAcer is ready to dispense of such silly questions, as they’ve recently announced the availability of their latest projector.

The Acer K137 LED home theater projector features built-in speakers with stereo enhancement for audio to match the bright visuals. The K137 is compact enough to be carried anywhere easily.

The K137 is the kind of projector to bring over to friends’ houses or on vacations. Although small, it packs some power. Users can project a 62-inch image from a little over six feet away. A solid contrast ratio combined with the WXGA resolution delivers some pretty sharp images for entertainment enjoyment.

As for sound, you can leave the portable speakers at home. The Acer K137 projector’s speakers are designed for big sound that maintains definition and clarity. It’s one less thing to bring and fiddle with.

Along with the HDMI port for connecting to laptops, gaming consoles, or DVD players, the Acer K137 features both a MicroSD card slot and a USB port. Fill removable media devices with music, videos, or photos to play directly without needing any other equipment.

So why put up with and suffer a small viewing screen that likely needs more than one person to relocate? The Acer K137 is portable just for you, your games, and your movies. You can include some of your friends in on the fun too. Maybe.

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