65 percent of Americans now own smartphones

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I still remember the time I first had my cellphone 15 years ago and my first smartphone, an iPhone 3G, six years ago. And now, the world is filled with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and wearables.

In the US specifically, about 65 percent or two-thirds of Americans own smartphones. That’s at least one device in 2013. The figure is from Nielsen which noted it was 46 percent back in 2011.

So more than half of the people in the US own smartphones today. It’s now even more popular than digital cable and game consoles with 54 percent and 46 percent, respectively.

People in the US were also found out to each own an average of four gadgets. A couple of years ago, only 5 percent owned tablets but now it’s up to 29 percent.

Here are some more findings:

  • each spends 34 hours average using apps and browsers monthly
  • PC use now only 27 hours
  • Desktop social networking has declined
  • Mobile social networking up in mobile

Is it safe to say that smartphones are everywhere? Yes, but not as popular as TVs.

< Source: Nielsen >

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