Microsoft Surface 2 gets FAA approval

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Airlines using tablets in operations as an effort to go digital and paperless is nothing new. While most use iPads, Delta Airlines prefers Microsoft’s Surface 2 tablets that they ordered 11k units last year.

Pilots are expected to use the tablet instead of using a 40 pound flight bag. Compared to a 1.5 pound Surface 2, the tablet will definitely help save the airline fuel cost. When combined, millions of dollars could be saved by Delta.

Aside from the tablets, flight attendants were also given Nokia Lumia 820 to provide information and manage point-of-sale transactions. This actually reminds me of Virgin Atlantic airline staff’s recent use of Google Glass and smartwatch.

To make things more official, Delta has been approved by the FAA and given Class 1 and 2 EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) certification. Tablets will use FliteDeckPro logistics app by Jeppesen.

I wonder which airline will announce a similar advanced tech move next…

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