‘Experience the Mini': LG G2 Mini to be announced at MWC on February 24

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LG G2 miniLG sat on the sidelines and watched as rivals feasted on people’s newfound passion for compact mobile devices long enough. So at last, LG is bringing a shrunken flagship to take on Samsung’s GS4 mini, HTC’s One mini or Sony’s Xperia Z1 Compact.

Purportedly spotted at the FCC earlier this week, the G2 mini has pretty much been confirmed by LG on Facebook, thanks to a photo collage accompanied by the following message: “Experience the MINI”. Sounds vague, sure, but one of the pics very clearly exhibits a 5.2-inch G2 next to a little something that’s definitely not around yet.

Of course, it is only shown from the back, to keep some of the suspense going. But at least we know the G2 mini will take a page out of big bro’s playbook in the rear design department, rocking the same snazzy power and volume physical keys.

Intriguingly, the size gap between the two appears to be quite large, so I don’t see the 4.7-inch speculation gaining credence. 4.3, maybe. 4.5, tops. Anyways, save the date – February 24 – and in case you’re in Spain, swing by Barcelona for MWC’s opening day, as that’s when and where LG plans to formally intro the G2 mini.

Via [LG Mobile Facebook]

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