togoDock controls cables and magnetically mounts iPhone 5

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fuse chicken logoI’ll be the first to admit that while I’m a tech-savvy geek, I’m terrible when it comes to cable management. I can hook up systems and wire everything so it’s all invisible from the front, yet behind the scenes it looks like a half-witted octopus trying to knit. Powerstrips for my gadgets are only a little better.

I blame having too much cable (or laziness for not wrapping the ones I have?), which is one reason why I find the Nomad ChargeKey so handy. However, that doesn’t always solve the need for charging smartphones or devices when you need them within arm’s reach (depending on where the power is located).

togoDock iPhone 5While it won’t solve all your woes, the togoDock, which just launched on Indiegogo, will help keep your iPhone 5 docked neatly and nearby. The togoDock comes from Fuse Chicken – the same team who successfully crowdfunded the Une Bobine for the iPhone 5/5s/5c. They’re back again on Indiegogo, but this time with the power of magnets!

The togoDock is a portable dock and charge cable that mounts practically anywhere with super-strong magnets. Two discs are included to create two mounting surfaces. Maybe one in the car and one at home? You can mount your iPhone 5 where you want it, and the cable unwraps when you need to charge up.

Not only does the togoDock cost less than many mounting/docking solutions out on the market, it’s smarter and smaller. Besides, you know, magnets. Make your cable messes and ungainly dock accessories a thing of yesterday.

You can check out the togoDock on Indiegogo. Those who act quickly can also snag a free Fuse Chicken PLUGdock for the iPhone 5.

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