Lenovo sales doing well

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Life is good at Lenovo. The top PC manufacturer today is also making a lot of money from its mobile devices. Most of sales the past months were seen coming from mobile with a 30 percent increase on Q4 from the previous year. Profit was $265 million much thanks to the tablets and smartphones sold.

About 13.9 million smartphones and 3.4 million tablets were sold. Smartphones saw a 47 percent jump while tablets grew times three (300%).

One of the bestsellers is the Yoga tablet. Combining the two, the number is more than the 15.4 million computer and PC Plus devices sold.

With all these good news is an even greater news: revenue is at $10.8 billion–the highest ever for Lenovo.

Looks like everythig is coming up roses for Lenovo that it’s purchasing the mobile business of Motorola. We hope to hear more good news in the coming months and years.

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