Rovio to introduce new Angry Birds? Flappy Bird no longer a threat

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new angry birds

Rovio has nothing to fear about Flappybird’s popularity. The trending mobile app is forever gone according to its developer. I couldn’t understand why because it was generating $50K in revenue everyday and it was going for almost $100,000 on eBay. A lot of Flappy Birds addict are saying it was a wrong decision to waste a good app. But developer Nguyen has his reasons.

Oh well, I suggest you start forgetting about the game and shift your focus once more on Angry Birds. Rovio is set to release a new title or a new set of Angry Birds. Nothing is certain yet but you know how Rovio tries to innovate and still make more money.

It seems Rovio knows when to perfectly market the game as Flappy Birds is no longer a threat. We’ll see what Rovio is preparing soon enough.


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