Nokia teases Valentine’s Day announcement, could the ‘Normandy’ debut early?

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nokia-teaserNokia is such a tease these days, you have to wonder whether they’re not mirroring the wrong Samsung marketing tactics to help them close the gap to first place in mobile sales. The Finns are almost definitely putting the finishing touches on their first ever Android handheld, the X or Normandy, but at the same time they’re reportedly working on additional green robots.

Also, a Lumia 630 (known on the inside as “Moneypenny”), a Lumia 1520 mini, 1525 and 1820. When will all these go official? That, my friends, is the million-dollar question. Some say in less than two weeks, at MWC (Mobile World Congress), some earlier, some later or never.

A photo posted on Snapchat by Nokia further muddies the waters, starring a big red question mark and a seemingly random string of numbers. Only it’s not so random. The last few digits make up a date – February 14, 2014 – so odds are in roughly 24 hours, when everyone celebrates love, Nokia will celebrate new hardware.

Could the Normandy land prior to MWC after all? Don’t see why not. But here’s the thing. The rest of the code could easily be cracked by reading the first six digits in groups of three. Ergo, we believe Nokia will bring the Lumia 630 and 870 to light.

Wait, 870? Doesn’t ring any bells. Indeed, but think about it. Is there any chance the Normandy will be branded that way, or as the X? None. So why not be called Lumia 870? It’s a stretch, sure it is. Which is why it’s a good thing we’ll find out tomorrow if we’re right.

Via [WM Power User]

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