FINIS AquaPulse Heart Rate Monitor: For Swimmers, by Swimmers

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As a former competitive swimmer I can remember the first time I learned to take my heart rate. I was eight, exhausted, and sick of being in the water when my swim coach told me, “Hold your fingers under your ear and count your pulse.” I couldn’t feel anything, declared I was dead, and started crying.91Aq0bRa1GL._SL1500_

I still track my heart rate manually, which requires me to stop my workout and take a break, all to find out whether or not my heart rate is in the proper zone to warrant a break. It’s all very counter productive! It’s especially rough when you work out a whole two days per year like a champion.

The [easyazon-link asin=”B002D00E92″ locale=”us”]FINIS Aqua Pulse Heart Rate Monitor[/easyazon-link] is the perfect tool for swimmers. Runners have the luxury of choosing from all kinds of heart rate monitors for their dry-land workouts, but us fish don’t have it so easy. The AquaPulse offers the perfect solution.

The monitor slips under your goggle strap and the soft rubber clip attaches to your earlobe. There are no straps and no watch necessary to check your pulse. The information is audible, set to convey at an interval of your choice. The coolest part is there is no ear bud. The device speaks your heart rate into your ear as you move through the water via Bone Conduction technology. Awesome!

The company boasts that the FINIS AquaPulse is “made for swimmers, by swimmers”. It’s fully waterproof and complete with a researchable Lithium-Ion battery. You slip it on with your goggles, forget about it, and let the information come to you. The device collects your heart rate information through your earlobe with an infrared sensor that monitors your capillary blood flow, so the information is accurate and in real-time.

The battery lasts anywhere from five to eight hours, depending on your interval setting, so you can use it while on long dives. I think I’ll be taking this baby with me the next time I tourist-snorkel! Just to be a showoff, of course.

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