Seiko Japan shows off M-Tracer For Golf swing sensor

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Golf swing sensor

I don’t quite understand golf. I think the sport is boring. Swinging a club to hit a ball and then what? I know a lot of people though who enjoy the game. And for geeks who do, there’s something that will help you get better with playing: a golf swing sensor.

Seiko Epsom recently introduced the M-Tracer For Golf sensor that attaches to golf clubs. The sensor keeps track of a player’s orbit of swing and face angle. Data and other metrics of golf play are then sent to your Android smartphone for animations and graphs.

There’s an in-app analysis that will be provided. It’s developed by the Sports Dynamics and Informatics Laboratory of the Keio Research Institute. If data provided aren’t enough, you can view your swing from three different perspectives.

Golf Swing Sensor will cost $290 and will be available in Japan on April 10. About 2,000 golf swings can be saved on cloud storage but only 300 on your Android phone.

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