Google Glass proposals: romantic or ridiculous?

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Thanks to Youtube, we have at our fingertips plenty of video evidence of unique yet romantic proposals. There was the Disneyland dancing proposal and the Home Depot proposal, but what if I told you Google Glass proposals are the latest videos to hit the interwebs.

Google decided to show its romantic side this past Valentine’s Day with a video compilation of Google Glass proposals called “Marry Me (through Google Glass)”.

Marry Me (through Google Glass)

Here’s what Google said about the video:

“Roses are red, violets are blue, we’re feeling loved-up, but rhyming is lame.

The beauty of Glass is that it allows us to capture important moments both big and small. It’s not about technology, it’s about the people who use it. Congrats to all our betrothed Explorers in this film, and thanks for sharing your special moment.”

So, I watched the video, and I’ve got a couple thoughts on the matter.

While I think it’s certainly romantic to want to document your proposal via multiple perspectives (i.e. the benefit of Google Glass), I think it’s a little unnecessary. Sure, I definitely want my future fiance to have an up-close and personal video of my double chin while he’s down on one knee. And if my double chin isn’t bad enough, I definitely think my crying should be documented for all times.

Also, maybe I’m just a terrible person, but if my soon-to-be fiance is wearing Google Glass while he’s proposing, I can guarantee I will be trying my best not to laugh in his face. And that won’t be easy for me. And once he sees me laughing in his face, he might just rethink this whole marriage thing.

So, if you want a video of me at an unflattering angle laughing in your face, definitely go with the Google Glass, future husband.

What do you guys think about Google Glass proposals?

Check out the video below:

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