New Samsung S Pen in the works? Patent application uncovered

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samsung s pen patent filing

Samsung is about to get a new S Pen. Nothing has been made official yet but patent filings by Samsung with the USPTO show an interesting application that pertains to a new stylus. The digital stylus of the Galaxy Note family might get a new version complete with a speaker and a microphone based on the illustration.

If mic and speaker are added, the S Pen could then be used to answer phone calls, as well as, accept voice commands. It’s a nice idea that I think other similar devices would follow maybe starting with the smartwatch.

This makes me realize that the impossibilities are endless with mobile devices. More and more people will think of something to make things easier for us. Who knew that the basic stylus could still be improved?

Samsung’s new stylus pen would work more like a wireless headset. Patent filing also shows an improved grip mechanism.

Patent applications don’t always mean the product will become a reality but it’s interesting to know that Samsung wants to improve on even the most basic device like the stylus. If a new S Pen is released, I wonder what accessory Samsung will think of innovating next.


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