Google and Apple reject Flappy Bird copycats

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So the Flappy Bird game is over. Honestly, I haven’t downloaded the app yet on my iPhone and iPad and now there’s no way for me to play the game unless I borrow from my friends who are addicted to it.

The game was so successful it was too much for the developer. I don’t think it’s coming back anytime soon which is why a lot of developers are trying to copy and cash in on the popular mobile game app. There are a lot of games similar to ‘Flappy’ that Google and Apple finally noticed are just copying the game.

Apple won’t accept similar apps because they don’t want to trick people. As for Google, no reason was given on why they are rejecting similar games. This could mean the app stores won’t be as flooded anymore. Hopefully, this will make the developers be more imaginative and start building their own games.


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