Leaked: Video preview of unannounced Sony Sirius (Xperia Z2?) smartphone

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Sony SiriusIt looks like Samsung isn’t the only Android player planning to flood next week’s Mobile World Congress with various product announcements, as Sony may bring to Barcelona’s expo at least three new devices. Probably the most exciting of all is the so-called “Sirius” handheld, which some sources are tipping as Z1’s sequel, while others as a more humble rehash.

If the former pans out, the 5.2-incher will likely go official under the Xperia Z2 moniker, whereas if the latter gains credence, a Z1 Plus alias sounds plausible. Either way, Sony didn’t exactly do a great job in keeping the big guy covert, as plenty of high-quality photos have recently leaked, and now a video preview.

An extensive 12-minute preview, basically showing off each and every fresh software feature on the Sirius (model number D6503). Keep in mind though that the gizmo manhandled on camera was a pre-release prototype, so it ran an unstable copy of Android 4.4 KitKat.

That said, I’ll leave you to the clip, which reveals among others the rear camera’s sensor size (20.7 MP), its 4K video recording capabilities, and vastly improved display viewing angles. By the by, no, the Z2 won’t sport a cutting-edge 2K screen. But Full HD resolution is enough for superb image reproduction, as one can easily tell from the hands-on embedded below.

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