Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite available for $160, probably not worth it

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Galaxy-Tab3-LiteThe meaningless of Samsung’s latest low-end, low-cost tablet was obvious ever since the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite went official, but now that the 7-incher is out commercially, it’s even harder to explain why the slate exists.

Amazon, Newegg, Best Buy, Staples, and probably a couple more stateside retailers, are charging $160 for the GTab 3 Lite, which technically makes it the least financially demanding Samsung pad. But only by 20 bucks, as 2013’s standard Tab 3 goes for $179.

And for once, the older gadget actually comes out on top in a head-to-head face-off. Again not by much, yet likely enough to command the higher price tag, and then some. Whereas the one-year-old touts dual cameras, with 3.15 and 1.3 MP sensors, the Tab 3 Lite packs just the rear-facing one, complete with sub-par 2 MP resolution.

Then there’s a slight gap in viewing angles and color reproduction, despite both slates sporting 1,024 x 600 screens. Also, GTab 3 Lite’s battery is smaller, at 3,600 mAh, compared to 4,000. Adding insult to injury, the outer appearance is virtually identical, and Samsung inexplicably made the two 7-inchers just as thick and heavy.

Meanwhile, the pre-loaded Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is the only tidbit working in Tab 3 Lite’s favor. Oh, okay, the perks pack too, including a free three-month Hulu Plus subscription, some Google Play credit, and Dropbox storage. Still a little on the expensive side. Maybe discount it by, say, $20 and we’ll reconsider, okay, Samsung?

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