Nokia X name nearly set in stone, Android handheld to debut at MWC

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Nokia XNot yet sick and tired of hearing day in and day out about a modest Nokia-made Android smartphone that may ultimately lack Google Play support? Hopefully not, because the Normandy, aka Nokia X, is still very much in the limelight.

Apparently, the branding dilemma is once and for all settled, as @evleaks has tweeted another press shot of the device, along with a green Nokia X inscription. The background fits nicely with recent teasers, which saw Nokia’s Facebook and Twitter feeds get glazed in the shade of growing grass.

Also, the company’s Weibo page is filled with vague hints of trees, treasure maps and… monkeys (?!), all of which probably have some sort of connection with the X. No idea exactly what each symbol stands for, but the bottom line is next Monday, on February 24, during the opening day of Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress, the 4-inch Android-backed handheld will at last see daylight.

Hopefully, powered by Google as much as Nokia, and running a not so heavily forked version of 4.4 KitKat. Sounds unlikely, I know, but let a boy dream, will you?

Via [Twitter] and [GSM Arena]

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