Think Comcast customer service stinks? So does this survey

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Are you one of those poor souls who still pays for cable TV? (I’m a live sports nut, so I’m one of them.) Are you one of those really poor souls that has to deal with Comcast to watch your sweet, sweet TV programming? Do you hate the whole experience of being a Comcast customer?

A new customer service survey reveals just how bad the ever-growing cable giant actually is at, you know, serving you.

The survey was conducted by a company called Vocal Laboratories (Vocalabs), which “specializes in building effective customer feedback programs designed to measurably improve the customer experience.” That is, Vocalabs consults pay-TV and cellular service providers about just how much their customer service eats it.

Vocalabs’ National Customer Service Survey conducted telephone interviews with customers of nine communications companies (including the big cellular providers) immediately after they finished service calls and, among nine providers, Comcast was selected as the worst. (Get excited, Time Warner customers!) Overall, just 51 percent of Comcast customers said they were “very satisfied” with their customer service call. I’m assuming the others were still angrily muttering to themselves.

Who fared the best? Verizon, at 66 percent “very satisfied.” AT&T, DirecTV and Sprint each were close behind at 65 percent.

Said Vocalabs CEO Peter Leppik in a press release:

Comcast was notable for its poor showing in our survey. In eight of the nine metrics we track, Comcast had the lowest score of all nine companies we studied. In some cases, Comcast was far behind the second-worst companies. Comcast was 11 points behind DirecTV and Verizon in how easy it was to reach a person, and a whopping 17 points behind T-Mobile in the percent of customers who said they had to go through unnecessary steps on their call.

Comcast celebrated the news by raising their rates again. Just kidding. I think.

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