[MWC 2014] LG to show off the new Knock Code feature

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lg KNOCK MWC 2014

I’m sure like me, you’re excited for MWC to start. We’ve been seeing leaked images and hearing early announcements and today is no exception. LG is going to surprise us with the “Knock Code”. We don’t know exactly what it does but this feature allows waking up the phone with a simple knock.

The feature was first seen on the LG G2 but known as the Knock On. The Knock Code is said to allow any of the 86,367 knock combinations to be used to unlock the phone. I like the ideo of tapping on the screen but it could add some time to your opening of the phone. Honestly, the 4-digit code to unlock my phone is sometimes a hassle. Knock Code asks for eight taps so imagine that.

The new Knock Code will be seen on the LG G Pro 2 out in South Korea before the months ends and in the US on April.

We’ll know more about the Knock Code next week at the Mobile World Congress.


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