Cufflinc jewelry bridges the gender gap in wearable tech and offers long-awaited personal security to women

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Part of the problem with wearable technology is the ailing aesthetic of the nerdy products being pumped into the market by companies with one goal in mind: functionality. The issue of personal style is finally being addressed by companies like Netatmo and [easyazon-link asin=”B00FI16820″ locale=”us”]Martian[/easyazon-link], but functionality constantly compromises the style goals of the designers.

Deepa Sood, former VP of product development at Restoration Hardware, has the solution and is the first person to break the aesthetic barrier and the gender gap with her Cufflinc jewelry that provides notifications and security alerts via smartphone app. The jewelry looks like normal jewelry, who would have thought it!

Deepa Sood's gorgeous Cufflinc jewelry line

Deepa Sood’s gorgeous Cufflinc jewelry line

The Cufflinc vibrates when someone in your deliberate Cuff network needs to reach you when you’re away from your phone, but that’s kind of a side benefit. The real virtue in this product is in the personal security features. You can send personal security alerts with an extended press of the Cufflinc with your finger, which will send your SOS signal to everyone in your Cuff network complete with your GPS location as well as pre-programmed medical information such as allergies, blood type and conditions.

Even without the ol’ razzle dazzle of the other convenient features, I’d still purchase this product. Heck, I’d buy this product even it looked like a cowbell hanging around my neck.  Women’s safety is a very real issue that is under attended to and often laughed at by men who don’t and can’t comprehend the danger of the ability to be overpowered by almost any member of the opposite sex. Taking a cab, heading for the car in a grocery store parking lot, and walking through a parking garage (the most common public area where rape attacks occur) are activities that cause immediate anxiety in women and which can turn into an instant, life-changing nightmare.  The Cufflinc offers a safety measure that hasn’t been offered before.

Women have been offered mace, rape whistles, and absurd advice to vomit or urinate on an attacker, while simultaneously being told we have no need or credibility for owning weapons that might be used for protection. The outrageous result is that someone in America is sexually assaulted every two minutes,  not even including children under the age of twelve, according to Rape and Incest National Network. Every two minutes. Considering the extremity of the situation, such a necessary product surely has a wide-open window in the market.

The Cufflinc is catered to women and their busy lives. It offers a feature that allows the wearer to use five different pre-programmed Cuff presses to send specific messages to particular people in your network, without fumbling around for your smartphone. For example, according to TechHive, two quick presses let your husband know you’re on your way. How simple!

The jewelry is convenient, potentially life-changing and, more importantly, gorgeous. Some of the products can be altered with faceplates to match the wearer’s ensemble of the day and different pieces cater to different consumer styles.

In my opinion, every piece of jewelry should be Cufflinc jewelry.

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