Nokia Treasure Tags announced and might actually be the company’s most useful product

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nokia treasure tags

This is serious stuff, folks. Nokia has just announced its latest “innovative” product dubbed, Nokia Treasure Tag. The Nokia Treasure Tag is a pretty useful accessory which is as small as a matchbox and can be attached to your keys, wallet and other important items. This tag can be connected to a Nokia Lumia phone via Bluetooth or NFC, so much so that it will send an alarm whenever you leave your house without the tagged item. Yes, it will practically ensure that you’ll never leave those keys behind anymore.

Additionally, the Nokia Treasure Tag can also be integrated with Nokia HERE mapping service. You can use it to track down items that you’ve lost and be able to located them for as long as those are items are tagged. This simply means that if you have more valuable items that need to be tagged, the more Nokia Treasure Tags you need to purchase.

Speaking of purchasing the Nokia Treasure Tags, you’ll have to wait until April when Nokia will start selling them for $30 per piece. It will work with work with all Nokia Lumia smartphones for now but Nokia confirms that that third party apps will soon be released. These apps will make it possible to connect the Treasure Tag to Android and even iOS smartphones and tablets.

The Nokia Treasure Tag run on a standard coil cell type of battery which lasts up to six months. It will be available in cyan, yellow, white and black to match your purse and wallet pouches.

via [Nokia]

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