Meizu and bq to make Ubuntu smartphones finally

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meizu ubuntu smartphones

Back in August, we learned thay Canonical failed to raise $32 million to build an Ubuntu smartphone. We don’t know what happened since then but we heard rumors that Meizu would be making an Ubuntu-powered phone. And looks like the rumors are true as Canonical confirmed that Meizu is indeed manufacturing the phones.

It’s not only Meizu as Spain’s bq is also making Ubuntu phones. bq is one of the biggest phone providers in Spain.

The first Ubuntu phones will be available on Ubuntu, Meizu, and bq sites. Not much details on specs and pricing have been given.

“Ubuntu’s intuitive and visually stunning user interface aligns with our own ethos of producing simple, innovative mobile experiences. This partnership gives us an opportunity to develop a truly different and compelling offering that will support our strategy to deliver devices to both China as well as internationally. -‘Meizu’s VP Sales and Marketing Head


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