Multiple Samsung Galaxy Gear models expected at MWC, including Gear Fit

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galaxy-gear-fitIn just 72 hours (and counting), Samsung will showcase a bunch of new hardware in Barcelona, during the opening day of Mobile World Congress 2014. That much we know, right from the horse’s mouth. The million-dollar question is what kind of devices we should be gearing up for (no pun intended). And how many.

A Galaxy S5? Most definitely. What about two? Not out of the question either. A trio of fresh low-cost, mid-end tabs? Probably. Maybe the first ever Tizen-running smartphone? Eh, I wouldn’t hold my breath there.

One or several Galaxy Gear follow-ups? That seems to be the wild-card at the moment, and my guess is Samsung execs aren’t certain themselves where the smartwatch line is headed. One possibility is away from Android, and towards Tizen.

Or maybe Samsung still trusts wearables are the future, so much so that they’re willing to spread the love between Android and Tizen. The theory is supported by a Korean news outlet, tipping us off on the prospect of a Galaxy Gear 2 and Gear Fit.

The latter, as the name suggests, would go up against gizmos like Nike’s Fuelband and the Fitbit, with an emphasis on health. Presumably, the Gear Fit will ditch Gear’s camera to keep costs low, and integrate sensors for tracking physical activity, as well as sleep monitoring.

Sounds a little shady, but if Samsung prices and markets it aggressively enough, it may have a brighter future than any and all “high-end” Gear 2 versions, be them powered by Android or Tizen.

Via [Sammy Hub], [MK News]

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