Huawei Ascend G6 phone, MediaPad X1 tab pictured and detailed ahead of MWC

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Huawei Ascend G6Poor Huawei. They made fools of themselves when trying to mock Samsung and Apple in their buildup to next week’s Mobile World Congress, and now the devices they intended to “amaze the world” with have leaked all over the interwebs.

It’s not pretty, I can tell you that from the get-go, as the Ascend G6 phone and MediaPad X1 tablet might as well be official. The former isn’t even that “amazing”, as it basically looks like a diminutive, skimpy Ascend P6.

Colorful and somewhat charming, yet skimpy hardware-wise nevertheless. Rumor has it the handheld will measure 7.5 mm thick, 4.5 inches in diagonal, and pack quad-core MediaTek 1.3 GHz power, 1 GB RAM, as well as 8 and 5 MP cameras.


Meanwhile, the 7-inch MediaPad X1 is equally as seductive on the outside, but also strong in terms of “inner beauty”. Its guts include a much zippier quad-core 1.6 GHz HiSilicon 910 CPU, 2 GB RAM and 6,000 mAh battery, plus the display is a whopper, at 1,920 x 1,200 pixels resolution.

Too bad it’s obvious Huawei took a page out of Samsung’s playbook (heck, they almost Xeroxed the entire book) in X1’s design department. On the bright side, it supports 4G LTE and voice calls. Not enough to keep you on your toes for Monday? Then remember a Huawei-made smartwatch is also coming.

Via [Engadget], [Twitter]

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