Samsung Poland drops the bomb: Galaxy S3 to miss Android 4.4 update

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Galaxy S3 KitKatEverything went (relatively) smoothly in Samsung’s camp so far in regards to Android 4.4 KitKat updates, with the company’s US branch even issuing a fairly hefty list of devices due for a software bump, but sooner or later the Galaxy makers were bound to mess up.

And boy, have they done so. As in screwed up on an epic scale. Apparently, though US Galaxy S3 versions should score KitKat in the near future, certain “international” flavors may never get the same treatment.

Specifically, the Polish variant (that we know of), albeit the mishap can’t be limited to just one random European country. Ergo, if this sad, sad story checks out, Android 4.4 might skip the Galaxy S3 all over the old continent.

I know, it’s shocking to hear, but let’s try to keep calm and see if there are any mitigating circumstances. As per official statements from Samsung Poland, the Galaxy S3 can’t smoothly run KitKat because it only packs 1 GB RAM.

Wait, what? You mean to tell us 1 GB is not enough when Google developed the latest Android version specifically with 512 MB RAM gadgets in mind? Also, newsflash, Samsung Poland, your own list of gadgets with impending 4.4 upgrades includes the Galaxy Grand and Express. Guess how much memory they feature. Ding, ding, ding, 1 gig.

Our last hope? Samsung’s communication wires got crossed, and their Polish representatives are unknowingly spreading false news. It’s a long shot, but it’s all we have.

Via [Gotta Be Mobile]

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