Amazon suggests Samsung Galaxy S5 and S5 ‘Prime’ are coming… in April

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Galaxy S5 caseThere’s only so much Galaxy S5-centric speculation even the most ardent Samsung fans can absorb before feeling like they’ll burst, so I’ll keep the latest story short. With roughly three days to go until the big announcement, Amazon joins the crazy rumor-mongering, possibly unintentionally, by allowing Spigen to list a bunch of cases for a Galaxy S5 and S5 Prime.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, so not only does Spigen know how the two GS5 versions will be called, they also know their designs well enough to have assembled accessories for them? Sounds far-fetched, and it is, yet it’s not entirely impossible.

But wait, the case manufacturer’s fishy insight on S5 tidbits doesn’t stop there, as the protective S5 containers will allegedly be in stock come April 15. It’s thus logical to assume both Samsung flagships shall start selling earlier, or on that exact same day.

Which is more plausible? Earlier, definitely earlier, at least for the standard Galaxy S5. The Prime could well launch subsequently, though April 15 is still a little distant.

The cherry on top of Spigen’s listing is it also seems to show off the S5 duo, naturally inside said cases. Not even going to bother with that, as there’s no way the images are legit. Mockups, maybe placeholders, or just abstract artwork.

Via [Sam Mobile]

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