Add protection, versatility to iPad Air with CruxENCORE

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crux logoProtective cases and gear for tablets are about as ubiquitous as Bluetooth audio devices and external battery packs. While you, technically, can’t go wrong with any decent one, it takes something a bit more to stand out and turn heads.

When it comes to tablets, such as the Apple iPad Air, why have just a case when you can have a tablet with laptop functionality? Currently funding on Kickstarter is the CruxENCORE tablet case and keyboard for the iPad Air. The company experienced success with their previous launch for the iPad, so they’re back again to bring that quality and functionality to Apple’s latest and lightest.

CruxENCORE hingeThe CruxENCORE is a fine piece of work. I don’t even have an iPad Air, yet my hands itch to pull money out from just looking at the design.

This case (do we even call it a case?) Features anodized aluminum and polycarbonate materials for the body, which offer secure protection against scuffs, bumps, or drops. Not just that, but the precision cutouts for the iPad Air’s buttons and ports are properly befitting of an Apple product accessory.

There is a solid locking mechanism to ensure that the CruxENCORE doesn’t pop open while being carried. But once you decide to open it up, you’re greeted with an island-style keyboard underneath your tablet’s screen. The keyboard itself connects to the iPad Air via Bluetooth 4.0, which is an energy-sipper that can last up to a month between charges.

Due to the 360 degree hinge design, you can set the CruxENCORE up in additional modes (the frist two being closed and open-keyboard). The keyboard can fold away underneath and backward, which is ideal for watching videos. Fold it the rest of the way and you can pick it up and use the iPad Air as a tablet in portrait orientation.

Of course, there is a hardware performance gap between a laptop and an iPad Air. But then again, the popularity of laptops are down while tablets are getting pretty close to market saturation. The CruxENCORE makes the iPad Air that much more useful, while not adding so much additional bulk or weight.

Check out the CruxENCORE Kickstarter project page for additional photos and videos. They’ve got some pretty sweet perks and additional color combinations for hitting stretch goals. With a bit less than a month to go, that’s enough time to get all of your buddies in so you can shoot for the Black/Gold design.

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