Privacy-focused Blackphone to be introduced at MWC 2014; not NSA proof

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Blackphone, a security-centric smartphone, that got a lot of attention in the midst of the NSA scandal will supposedly be revealed Monday at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Although it promises to be the most secure smartphone on the market, it has become apparent that it will be no match for the NSA and other intelligence agencies looking to spy on your phone.


Mike Janke, co-founder and CEO of Silent Circle, said in an interview with Mashable:

“There is no such device that is NSA-proof. If you are on the terrorist wanted list or a criminal, intelligence services will get into your device… There’s no such thing as 100% secure phone.”

So what exactly is the point of Blackphone then? Silent Circle hopes to give consumers and businesses a phone with better privacy. And in the wake of countless hacks and data breaches, who can blame them?

“We had always thought that in order to have what we would call a better level of security for both individuals and organizations we had to own the ecosystem,” Janke told Mashable. “And the only way to do that was to own the OS and own the device.”

So what makes this phone more secure? Blackphone will feature a custom version of Android called PrivatOS, which will allow users “to control every part of what data their phone is leaking, their calls, their contacts, their web browsing and what any app put on their phone can do.”

This includes the phone’s apps.

PrivatOS will include Silent Circle encrypted communications apps, 5 GB of encrypted cloud storage from SpiderOak, and anonymous browsing and Virtual Private Network care of

The first Blackphones are currently available for pre-order with the first shipments expected in June 2014.

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