HTC introduces Power to Give app at Mobile World Congress 2014

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Along with HTC’s Mobile World Congress announcement of the new Desire smartphone line, the company also announced a new app called “Power to Give”. HTC hopes this app will help improve the research of various improvements in medicine, science and echology.

So how does it work?

Users download the HTC Power to Give app from the Google Play store or Android, and then the app will divert a portion of the user’s smartphone processing power towards initiatives that the user opts to contribute to.

If you’re like me, you’re a little confused as to how the processing power of your smartphone can improve research in these fields. But here’s the deal: researchers can harness the processing power from devices even if they’re remote. Thus, if users’ smartphones are remaining dormant for a period of time like when you’re supposed to be working hard at your cubicle (although let’s be real, you’ve got to fit in a couple rounds of Flappy Bird), your smartphone’s processing power could be used to help those researchers instead.

The app was created alongside Dr. David Anderson, Inventor of the Shared Computing Initiative BOINC, University of California, Berkeley, and Fearlessly Frank, Global Brand Consultancy. Here’s what Dr. David Anderson had to say:

With HTC Power To Give, we want to make it possible for anyone to dedicate their unused smartphone processing power to contribute to projects that have the potential to change the world. HTC Power To Give will support the world’s largest volunteer computing initiative, and the impact that this project will have on the world over the years to come is huge. This changes everything.

HTC hopes that if one million HTC One phones are utilizing the Power to Give app, the available processing power could power the 30 supercomputers that exist in the world, which certainly contains a lot of potential.

The Power to Give app will be available in the Google Play store soon, and users of the [easyazon-link asin=”B00CMVLH66″ locale=”us”]HTC One[/easyazon-link] family, HTC Butterfly, and HTC Butterfly S will be the first users to be able to download the app.

The HTC Power To Give app will be available for download from Google Play immediately if not soon. Users of the HTC One family, HTC Butterfly, and HTC Butterfly S will be allowed to use the app first, while a more widely available app will come in the coming six months.

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