LG-made Google smartwatch rumored for I/O conference unveil in June

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Google-SmartwatchPausing for a minute the downpour of newly announced gadgets at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress, a sizzling hot rumor has emerged via multiple credible sources not linked to each other. Usually, when that happens, it’s because legitimate moles disclosed intel, rather than self-proclaimed “insiders” with little knowledge of anything palpable.

Without further ado, it appears Google’s first ever smartwatch is indeed real, being geared up, tested and worked on for a possible June announcement. June 25, to be specific, as that’s the opening day of the 2014 Google I/O developer-focused conference.

For those drawing a blank, last year’s I/O brought to light the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition, and the annual edition before it the Nexus 7 tablet, so it certainly sounds like the right stage for another razzle-dazzle hardware intro.

But will this smartwatch actually be a big deal? You know, since Samsung and Sony’s wearables so far failed to leave a solid mark on the tech landscape. It’s way too early to even guess, with the only tidbits allegedly revealed sounding mostly vague and generic.

Big G shall reportedly rely on old and trusted Nexus partner LG for the watch’s production, and the wearable ensemble is said to include a plastic band and full-color LCD panel (size and resolution unknown) that “basically looks like a cheap smartphone”.

Interestingly, a special unveil of a smartwatch-dedicated Android version is rumored to precede I/O (in March), though Google and LG still want the gizmo to depend on smartphones rather than work as a standalone device. Remember, it’s all speculation and, probably, guesswork at the moment, so stay tuned for extra details.

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