Facebook shuts down e-mail service

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Just like Google, Facebook is on a shopping spree buying up startups and companies but it still is diligent to shut down products and sub-groups no longer making money or being used by the general public. Such is the case with the e-mail. Why? People are no longer using the mail service which was launched in November 2010.

Honestly, I wasn’t certain I could get a e-mail address so I’m a bit surprised about this news. Apparently, all registered Facebook users have a facebook e-mail address. We can use this to send and receive messages but Facebook didn’t have a proper window or user interface for it.

Most people’s behavior is to just look at the Newsfeed or send messages through Inbox. People are not familiar with it so Zuckerberg and company decided to shut the service down instead. Facebook made the upgrade recently and immediately retired the service.


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