LG’s MWC 2014 product lineup includes F70, F90 mid-tier Androids

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LG F70Since LG chose to take the wraps off the jumbo-sized G Pro 2 and (not so) diminutive G2 mini ahead of the actual start of 2014’s Mobile World Congress, everyone assumed the company’s booth in Barcelona would only star the Android pair.

But surprise, LG kept something tucked up their sleeves for the trade fair too, namely two new additions to the mid-range Optimus F family. Scratch that, it’s just the F line now, no Optimus prefix.

The F70 and F90 handhelds target, as per LG’s own claims, “new LTE smartphone owners”, which seems to suggest a certain sense of financial restraint. No idea how firm of a sense though, as pricing and availability details are for the time being kept under lock and key.

Aside from 4G LTE connectivity, the duo doesn’t have much going for it. The screens are spacious enough, but they’re low-res (4.5-inch WVGA on the F70, and 4.7-inch qHD on the F90), both phones come with scanty 4 GB on-board storage, and F90’s 512 MB RAM is downright pitiful.

Plus, F70’s 5 MP rear-facing camera is, sorry to break it to you LG, the purest entry-level material. On the mid-tier side of the spectrum, you got pre-loaded Android 4.4 KitKat (nice), decent quad-core 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 400 chips, an 8 MP main snapper on the F90, 1 GB RAM beneath F70’s hood, and most of all, 2,440 and 3,000 mAh batteries.

Whoa, the 4.7-inch qHD F90 sounds like it could last weeks between charges. Let’s hope so, and let’s also keep our fingers crossed for, say, sub-$300 price tags.

Via [LG] and [Pocket-Lint]

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