HTC’s Windows Phone efforts not done yet, Android line to be reshuffled

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HTC Windows Phone 8XDespite seemingly credible rumors preceding the start of Mobile World Congress, HTC pretty much sat the conference out, only bringing to light a pair of unexciting mid-range Android smartphones. No wearables, no “All New One”, very little buzz and media exposure.

Still, the company has big, bright plans for the future, which Jason Mackenzie reiterated in an interview with Recode. Speaking to the online publication, HTC America’s skipper confirmed the partnership with Microsoft is still on, and as such, one or several HTC Windows Phone 8X sequels are to be expected.

When? He didn’t say, but too late might be, well, too late for both WP and HTC, so our guess is in Q3 2014, at the latest. Mind you, the Windows Phone 8X is nearly a year and a half old, so just tweaking its hardware and looks isn’t going to be enough. A major overhaul needs to happen.

Meanwhile, Mackenzie dribbled past smartwatch questions, basically having nothing to add to recent statements from other HTC execs, instead detailing a little about the OEM’s increasing focus on Android. Emphasis on “little” though, as he identified stateside visibility as HTC’s biggest challenge going forward, suggesting a richer, more diverse gadget lineup may help bolster its reputation.

Bottom line, it sounds like the “hero” approach didn’t work out so well for the Taiwanese, which are now back to square one: rolling out phone after phone after phone, and hoping something will stick.

Via [Recode]

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