Samsung Galaxy S5 expected on at least six US networks starting in April

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Galaxy S5 VerizonGroundbreaking or far more “conservative” than anyone expected, handsome or fugly, the “next big thing” or just a shoddy rehash of yesteryear’s flagship devices, however you regard Samsung’s Galaxy S5, the 5.1 incher is bound to stay in the spotlight at least until April.

That’s when the fingerprint scanner-toting Android smartphone is scheduled to roll out commercially, though exact release dates for specific markets continue to be kept on the hush-hush. Possibly, because Samsung officials themselves are undecided as to the launch’s perfect timing.

What you can be certain of is no less than six US wireless carriers will sell the GS5 two months from now: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, MetroPCS and US Cellular. They’ve all come right out and said it, setting up registration pages for future updates and, in Verizon’s case, even tweeting a pic showing off the device in network-branded attire.

The good news? Big Red’s usually large, in-your-face kind of logos and stamps are much subtler on S5’s rear. The bad? Just the white and black flavors star in the image, likely suggesting gold and blue versions will land a little later.

In somewhat unrelated but relevant news, an Android Central report pinpoints S5’s real, user-available storage at roughly 8.4 GB in a model with 16 gigs on paper. That means almost half is used up by KitKat and TouchWiz-specific bloatware, so be sure to either go for a 32 GB variant once the phone goes on sale, or purchase a hefty microSD card on the side.

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