Should you be excited for the Samsung Galaxy S5?

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Everyone has been patiently awaiting the expected Mobile World Congress announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Now that we have all the details, it seems people have pretty mixed feelings about the smartphone. So, the question remains, should you be excited for the Samsung Galaxy S5? Short answer: yes, and here’s why…


For those of you that like to use your smartphone as your main device (I’m in this category), the Samsung Galaxy S5 promises to find a good middle ground between phone and tablet. The new phone will have a 5.1-inch screen, which is more than an inch bigger than the iPhone 5S. It will also feature a 1920 x 1080 display, which is obviously a higher resolution than the iPhone 5S.

It’s dust and water resistant! Say what?! I wish you could have seen my friend’s face when she was passing me her iPhone and she literally dropped it straight into a glass of water. We were all frozen in place…it took way too long to get that iPhone out of the water. Safe to say her smartphone was sitting in a bag of rice all night. But imagine if you didn’t have to worry about those things anymore. Don’t pretend that’s not amazing. It can work in up to three feet of water for 3o minutes. So, start taking your business calls in the shower! Why not?!


The battery lasts longer! I was creeping on my coworker Joe’s Facebook conversation about the Samsung Galaxy S5 (don’t judge me, you all do it) and it seemed there was a sense of ambivalence. However, he expressed his desire for a longer-lasting battery life, and guess what, Joe?! The Samsung Galaxy S5 has it! Even better, the S5 features a new battery-saving mode that can get 24 hours of battery life from 10 percent. Say what?! Yeah, you heard me, Joe. Basically, the battery-saving mode restricts your display colors to black and white, limits background processes and restricts your app usage. Brilliant.

The finger swipe is pretty cool. Although the iPhone 5s already features a fingerprint sensor, Samsung has upped the ante with their version. You can register three separate fingerprints. Registration takes eight swipes as opposed to the iPhone’s hold feature. And, here’s the really cool part: you can use it to authorize Paypal mobile payments, which is pretty pivotal for mobile payments. Also, the finger swipe unlocks Private Mode, which is a handy security feature.

The new camera is sure to impress mobile photographers. The iPhone 5S camera got a lot of attention for its new features, but the S5 camera has some amazing features too. It offers 16 megapixels on the rear camera and a 4K resolution video capture. And we all know 4K is all the rage right now.


Yeah, I made that meme. Get on my level.

The camera also features post-capture refocus selection, hybrid autofocus, and phase detection. Samsung claims the camera’s autofocus will lock in 3 seconds.

The Galaxy S5 is making strides in the health and fitness department as well with the innovative heart rate monitor. Yeah, your phone is now a heart rate monitor thanks to the finger sensor. It can measure your pulse within 5 to 10 seconds. Get moving, ya’ll!

The new smartphone also features a MicroSD slot for expanding storage, AND download booster software. Yeah, it’s as cool as it sounds. For faster downloads, it combines LTE and Wi-Fi. Is this the future or what, doc?

DeLorean_Arrival (1)

The S5 is similar in case design to its [easyazon-link asin=”B005M3518G” locale=”us”]Galaxy[/easyazon-link] predecessors and features plastic backing.

Come on, this is exciting. Good job, Samsung.

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