Moto X sequel confirmed for ‘late summer’, Motorola smartwatch also incoming

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moto-g-moto-xMotorola may have given MWC the cold shoulder this year, not showcasing anything new in Barcelona during the world’s largest mobile trade fair. But that didn’t stop the Moto G and X makers from stealing some of Samsung or Sony’s thunder with an unexpectedly candid Q&A Twitter session.

On the verge of becoming a Lenovo subsidiary, former Google subordinate remains intent on keeping its distinct identity, well, distinct, as it’ll continue to focus on Android hardware going forward. In the words of the company’s Twitter representative, “we’d have to compromise if we spread across ecosystems”.

Kudos for that, and also, congrats on spreading the Moto X and Moto Maker love. Apparently, the 4.7-inch smartphone will roll out in India and Australia in the “next few weeks”, while the popular customization tool is due for a Q2 launch in Western Europe and Mexico.

Unfortunately, by Q2 I’m not sure how many folks will stay interested in the first-generation X handheld, since a follow-up is reportedly in the works already. There’s no clear ETA set as of now, but “late summer” is eyed by Moto execs. So, probably August.

Of course, no specifics on hardware or pricing have come to light, yet indirectly, Motorola assured its fans the X2 won’t cost north of $600. A $500 or even lower price tag is in the cards, as “great smart phones should be available to everyone & days of $600 phones are limited”. If only that was true for Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC and Apple too.

Finally, it’s now set in stone that Motorola will be joining the roster of device manufacturers testing the wearable waters in 2014, with a smartwatch addressing “consumer issues like style & battery life”. Hopefully, also affordability.

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