Facebook Tweaks Newsfeed Algorithm-Again

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facebook-logoFacebook has been making what seems like constant tweaks to their newsfeed for a while now, and most of them have prompted reactions varying from frustration to fury from page owners. Facebook Pages, once known as Fan Pages, provide a gathering area for fans of brands, celebrities, TV shows, movies, products, and more.

At one time they were a fantastic marketing tool, but then Facebook decided to tweak their algorithm. Suddenly posts from page appeared in only a tiny percentage of page members’ feeds, and Facebook held their hand out. Want to reach more people? Pay up. The site forced its “promoted posts” on page owners as the only way for them to reach the vast majority of their members. Then they changed things again, deciding that users really don’t want to see posts from the pages they like, and made them low priority.

Now the site has again tweaked the algorithm, and this time it just might benefit page owners. They’ve changed the tag function so that if a page is tagged in another page’s post, that post will show up in the newsfeeds of both page’s members.Is this a good thing?

It could be if there are high quality related pages that are open to cross-promotion, but there’s one hitch. If two pages have content related enough for tagging each other to be appropriate, chances are they already share members, so all they’d be doing is filling the feed with duplicate messages. Still, at least for once, Facebook is doing something to give page owners increased rather than decreased visibility.


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