No smartwatch for BlackBerry anytime soon, but never say never

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BlackBerry John ChenSmartwatches and wearable devices in general seem to be viewed by many prominent hardware manufacturers nowadays as the next tech must-have, from Samsung to Sony to possibly Apple. Even HTC has confirmed pretty advanced work on likely a One-branded intelligent wristwatch, whereas Google is much cagier on the matter, but definitely interested.

Oh, and there’s also Motorola, which may or may not enter the fledgling market with Lenovo’s support. But you know who’s categorically not exploring a foray into the world of wearable technology? BlackBerry.

You don’t have to take my word for it, as BB’s big kahuna, CEO John Chen, tackled the subject with great candor and firmness in Barcelona, during the Mobile World Congress, making it clear a smartwatch isn’t a part of his company’s latest attempt at a comeback.

Not yet, that is, as Chen wisely stressed his statements refer to current plans. Once BlackBerry 10 OS-running smartphones take off (or rather if they ever do), the sky will surely become the limit for BB’s aspirations… again.

For now, is this apparent stubbornness smart or not? Well, since smartwatches might well turn out to be a passing fad, I think I’ll go with smart. Also, money’s probably tight in BlackBerry’s camp following years and years of heavy losses, so better to focus on handhelds, something they know a little about. Or, ahem, knew.

Via [Engadget]

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