Luxor flashlight packs intelligent circuits and Cree LEDs

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A quality flashlight tends to be one tools we tend overlook until it’s needed most. I’ll admit that half the flashlights in my house use the old-style bulbs, while the rest have newer, brighter Cree lights. Yet these devices still run on Sanyo Eneloop AA batteries that recharge through a wall charger.

Many external battery packs tout having a built-in “flashlight”, which are little better than a weak keychain light. It’s the thought that counts, right? Smartphones with a flashlight app perform much better, although holding a smartphone for lighting isn’t the same as a sturdy flashlight; no one flinches when a flashlight is accidentally dropped.

Luxor flashlight cableIf you’re in the market for something that’s newer and better, look no further than Luxor, which is the world’s first digital focusing flashlight, made by PLX Devices. The Luxor is able to switch between spot focus, flood, and lantern lighting, all without moving parts or expensive lenses. All of the LED lights are computer-controlled instead.

The LEDs used for illumination are of the Cree quality and build, so you know you’re going to get the light you deserve. None of that piddly weak stuff. The Luxor employs a Digital Focus System that controls and adjusts the brightness of the LEDs for the light patterns.

Luxor light floodThe Luxor packs some excellent circuitry to make sure users can get the most out of it.

This flashlight features an intelligent OLED display, which came about from the company’s previous, successfully-funded Kickstarter project. This display shows all the information regarding the state of the rechargeable battery inside: light output level, battery percentage, flashlight mode, time to charge/discharge, and more.

Although the Luxor packs a replaceable 5000mAh battery, it charges from any USB power source through a Micro USB cable. Charging starts automatically once plugged in, and the circuitry ensures the ideal flow of energy so the battery doesn’t overcharge or overheat.

The Luxor Kickstarter project is just about to hit funding, but with another two months to go! Act quickly and you can get one for a fantastic price.

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  • bcassid

    PLX is the worst company to deal with. I got my luxor about 2 months ago and it wouldn’t charge right out of the box. It took over a month for them to do an RMA so I could send it back and when I got it back it still wouldn’t charge and I’m waiting again for another RMA. So it’s been over 2 months and I don’t have a working flashlight. Also, they won’t do a refund. Terrible product and terrible customer service. I will never do business with them again.