Google Glass wearer ejected, robbed, seeks out media for attention

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The Facebook page that started it all

The Facebook page that started it all

It’s a day we all should have seen coming, even without Google Glass on our face: A self-proclaimed #glasshead, or Google Glass wearer, said she was the victim of a hate crime after popping in to a dive bar in San Francisco’s Haight district for last call with her Glass on.

Sarah Slocum, the Glass wearer in the center of all this unwanted attention, claimed she was robbed and harassed, and then went on television and said that all she ever wanted to do was to educate people about and maybe demo her Google Glass. Maybe even to the people in the bar.

The problem is, nobody asked Slocum – a social media consultant – to do that.

So let’s recap: the “news” of this “incident” broke via the Facebook page of the alleged victim. Slocum ’s post is still live, view it here. The content of the post is meager and I did not correct the spelling. This is how a social media consultant in San Francisco communicates:

“OMG so you’ll never believe this but… I got verbally and physically asaulted and robbed last night in the city, had things thrown at me because of some wanker Google Glass haters, then some *bleeeeeeeeeep* tore them off my face and ran out with them then and when I ran out after him his *bleeeeeeep* friends stole my purse, cellphone walet and everything..”

By the 50th or so comment, someone from local news station KRON4  had picked up the “story.” Some people commented on making the “horrible” people in the bar “pay” for what they had done.

Later on in the same thread, Slocum comments that she “lived on Page Street when I was younger and went to first grade there and have grown up in the Bay Area my whole life. And what makes this story special is that no one has experienced a hate crime or been targeted for a hate crime, which is what it was, for wearing Google Glass.”

What an awful claim to fame: The first Google Glass hate crime victim. Poor Sarah Slocum. It’s awful. And not exactly true. Well, maybe some people do hate her. But is that a crime? Slocum said the negative comments included, “Google Glass…you know just negative kinda comments.”

And that bar patrons were shielding their faces from her, as she was recording them.
So here’s the resulting TV segment:

Slocum concludes with, “90 percent of the time, my experience is 180 degrees different” from what happened at Molotov. Meaning, ten percent of the time, people are cringing from her Google Glass. I would think the number would be much higher.”

According to Slocum’s Linkedin profile, she’s been working for a site called Newsdab (not to be confused with Newsday, or to ever accidentally be called “Newsbad” because a dab of news? A dab, of news, sounds TERRIBLE. I don’t want a dab of anything, and I do not want to think that I might ingest news in dab size. “Newsdab” hurts my mouth to say and I only said it out loud to see how it sounded, and I will never utter the word to a soul or again. Except to type that Slocum “Newsdabbed” her own tech story, or embedded a teaser from and linked to KRON’s original story

Note KRON’s headline: “Google Glass User Gets Unwanted Attention.” Which is not to say, a glasshead was robbed, or suffered an injury, or was assaulted. Because that is the extent of the harassment and suffering Slocum has endured regarding this incident: unwanted attention. Because we do not have a police report of Slocum’s missing phone or purse, or of a hate crime occurring. And neither does Gawker.

Gawker reported that “Slocum was able to recover her nerd-goggles, but said she had filed a police report about her missing purse and wallet. San Francisco police told the Chronicle (link to Chronicle story)  Monday that they weren’t aware of the incident.”

Meaning, there is no police report. Meaning, Slocum went into this bar at last call – maybe for the first time, maybe on the advice of a friend – and encountered people flinching away from her Google Glass device and covering their faces. Which is exactly what the video shows. And then she posted to Facebook and alleged that she was robbed. And she got the attention of the media, and she got to say that she only wants one thing in the world, and that’s to inform and maybe demo Google Glass to some people. Maybe the people at Molotov. If only they would let her.

If Slocum was robbed and lost her purse and phone, I am sorry. That is awful. It happens all the time. And it isn’t right. So please report the crime to the police. Do not engage in interviews with members of the media and confess heartfully that you are like the Blues Brothers, but as one lady with dorky bangs, on a mission from God to explain Google Glass topeople. Perhaps this is not the best mission for you. Perhaps it is no one’s mission.

Wanting to demo Google Glass to people in bars is not a great way to have spent your $1600 or so on Google Glass. And then to turn around and dab the story on a website is also not a great way to use your Google Glass. Find a project to use your Google Glass for, and maybe leave people who have no interest in Google Glass the hell alone. Like the people in the dive bar, Molotov. Who really don’t deserve this, either.

Which brings me to this: assholes in technology are new to Google Glass, but they are already on Yelp in droves. And some assholes with Yelp accounts have already posted reviews of Molotov based on this Google Glass incident. Which is insane.

Elite Yelper Ashley H posted this scary review.

“this review is not so much for the bar as I have never drank here…but more or so for the low life scum that visit this place. 

this review is spurned from a recent article about some creatons stealing someone’s google glass…
now i am not a fan of seeing them at bars either…but i would take it a upon myself to steal someone’s property. like really….go ahead and be mad but do not violate someone else.

so why i have i not drank here? because like i said its full of scummy human beings. I went here once… a little tipsy…not very harmful. went to the bar…the bartender asked for my friends and mine id’s…to which i joke….”hahaha already drunk!” and the reason why i have not drank here as is as follows….
out of the corner of my ear i hear a pasty ass stank bitch say “shut up n****r” to me….i proceeded to be pulled out of the bar by my friends in hopes that that stank bitch got to live to see another day. not one employee at this bar could have given a fuck less about that….

not saying everyone here a complete waste of space but…..

fuck this place.”

Wow! So this Yelp user never went to Molotov, but popped in with her friends and didn’t drink and was called a slur then her friends dragged her away which is good. While I love her spelling of “creaton,” I hope that story did not happen. Because it said she never went to the bar, then described an experience that could have happened anywhere in the horrible, terrible, awful world we live in now. Which violates the Yelp terms of service for posting reviews (reviews are supposed to be based on actually visiting the place).

But then I saw this five-star reviews of Molotov from Yelp user John N. and felt a little better about the whole thing. Maybe we can have dive bars and Google Glass and nice things. But I doubt it.
·  ·

“This bar does not suffer Glassholes® gladly. I commend this establishment’s patrons for taking back the night in the manner in which they apparently did. Well done gentlepersons, and glad to know you lived up to the place’s name.”

Then this other rager of a review, from Jason R:

“So I wore my google glasses her and was treated very poorly; however, my gravitas as a social media consultant went through the roof!  I have had more content published and clicked than I ever thought possible!  This has been a wonderful experience for my career, but I was disappointed that they did not carry Michelob ultra or any skinny girl margaritas…overall a thumbs up”.

Ten thumbs up, everyone. Now be careful out there with the Google Glass and let’s all be excellent to each other.

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