OnePlus One now priced below $400

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Earliet this year we mentioned that new company OnePlus is working on the “Perfect Smartphone”. That perfect phone is actually the OnePlus One (no relation to the HTC One) which is yet to be released. It’s the startup’s first mobile phone product and yet it’s hopeful it can be on the same level as Samsung and Apple who are on top of the game. Sadly, we haven’t seen any image, not even its shadow, to prove that an actual smartphone exists.

We want to see what the OnePlus One looks like so we can’t wait for company CEO Pete Lau to show off something– an actual product image or just a render. We know it’s priced below $500 but now we learn that it will be sub $400. We haven’t even seen an photo of the phone so this price cut is not expected. What we’re anticipating is its 2nd Quarter release or just before summer starts.

CEO Pete Lau should just start showing the OnePlus One off so we’ll know if it really is the perfect smartphone.

Interesting how these are written on the OnePlus:

We believe in a world where product comes first, and everything else is secondary. We don’t accept the excuse that you can’t create a perfect phone at a killer price. We’re doing this right.

So you’ve got the OnePlus One product being introduced first but where is the actual smartphone now? We’re waiting.

<Source:Neowin | OnePlus>

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