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Okay, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t totally addicted to Flappy Bird. I’m talking Flappy Bird practice sessions at every work lunch hour, and if a coworker even tries to talk to me, you bet they’re getting a death stare (after my game ends, of course). However, every time I boot up my Flappy Bird, I think to myself, “I wish there were things I could change.” For example, I consider the blue bird to be my lucky character, and I wish I could always make him my wingman (get it?! I’m hilarious). And don’t even get me started on the nighttime cityscape. So distracting!


Well, my wish has finally come true., a Seattle-based non-profit working to improve computer science education, has released a 20-minute tutorial that enables users to create their own Flappy Bird game. It’s basically a drag-and-drop tutorial that teaches basic coding concepts at the same time. 

Hadi Partovi, co-founder, said to GeekWire:

We already know that the chance to ‘make an app’ is something people aspire to, but they think it’s out of reach. We want to give kids something that lets them express a degree of creativeness.

The tutorial lets users change the sounds of the game, the speed, the spacing, the background, the pipes and even the birds. Rest assured, readers, I chose Batman of course. I mean c’mon! You can also choose a shark or Superman if that’s what you’re into…I also gave mine the sci-fi setting, and made the pipes into chimneys! I’m one creative cat!

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 2.14.52 PM

Now if I get frustrated at the game, I have only myself to blame! RAGE QUIT!


“There are endless possibilities and kids can try them and realize the creativity involved in computer science within just 20 minutes,” says Partovi.

The tutorial was released February 26 to celebrate’s one year anniversary. Happy Anniversary, guys!

Take a look at the video below for more information:

And if you’re feeling up for more Flappy Bird fun, design your own game!

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