HTC’s All New One leaked yet again

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The Mobile World Congress is about to end and no sign of “The All New One” but now I’m tempted to make a blog category ‘Evleaks’ because the mobile industry is always talking about his posts. Most of them are true anyway so you can say he’s one reliable geeky tipster. His latest tweet is about the upcoming HTC All New One. We’re not sure about what the new HTC smartphone looks like but @evleaks posted something like a press slogan for the HTC M8 handset.


So far, we know that The All New HTC One will come in flashy gold complete with dual cameras and that it might launch late March. We mentioned February but the month is about to end.

Here’s a review of the rumored specs so you’ll have an idea: Qualcomm quad-core Snapdragon 805 chips, 5-inch screen, 1,080p display, 2 GB RAM , Android 4.4 KitKat, and new Sense UI, 6.0. Underwhelming specs but maybe good enough for a mid-level HTC smartphone.

So “The all new One” is really coming eh? It sounds like Apple’s latest naming convention– the new iPad. This also means it’s not the One Plus as we previously mentioned.

When will this All New One be announced anyway?

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