Android chief Sundar Pichai talks Samsung Galaxy S6, future Nexus devices

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galaxy-s6-conceptGoogle may have had little to showcase at MWC in terms of new hardware or software, but one of the company’s top dogs, Sundar Pichai, still made a few headlines after sitting down for an interview with a French-based Android-focused website.

Pichai, who’s a senior VP at Big G, as well as Android’s overseer, set the record straight in relation to Google’s reported interest of WhatsApp, saying the search giant never made a purchase offer.

He also tackled Nokia’s surprising foray in Android land, underlining this proves how open and accessible the OS really is, but most importantly hinted at the future of Nexus.

Sadly, mum was the word on Nexus tablets, rumored to include a 7, 8 and 10-inch model in 2014. As for smartphones, he pretty much confirmed an N5 sequel, likely to be called, well, Nexus 6, is in the works, though it won’t roll out very soon.

Apparently, Google isn’t fond of the six-month upgrade cycle, instead preserving the one-year tactic. Hence, we shouldn’t expect the Nexus 6 earlier than October. Best case scenario, September.

Another delicate subject Pichai approached with remarkable candor was Samsung. Specifically, Sammy’s affiliation with Google.

In a nutshell, he pointed the finger at the press for making up stories of tension between the two giants. Oh, and he also put rumors of Galaxy S5’s follow-up running Tizen or Windows Phone to rest. So there you have it, the Galaxy S6, whenever it shall come, will be based on Android. 5.0? 6.0? 4.5? Let’s wait and see.

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