Leaked: All new HTC One for AT&T in silver

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All New HTC OneBoy, when leak guru @evleaks sets on destroying the mystery surrounding a highly anticipated mobile launch, he really goes at it all guns blazing. Take HTC’s “All New One”. You know, One’s sequel, also dubbed M8.

There was a lot of confusion as to the phone’s ETA, market name, specs, features and design language until a while ago, when our man on Twitter started his intel avalanche. First, he cracked the branding puzzle. Then, he outed a press shot of the All New HTC One in gold.

He subsequently confirmed the seemingly ridiculous moniker, and earlier today, supplied us with the first high-quality photo of the Android handheld both in silver, and with AT&T logos. More like logo, because unlike a certain rival of Ma Bell (I’m looking at you, Verizon), this carrier is subtle in leaving its mark on such a beaut’s chassis.

As expected, the all new One and original One look very much alike on the outside, although the edges are clearly more rounded this time. Not exactly the smartest move, yet the metal-clad 2014 phone is still overall sleeker than its main adversary, Samsung’s Galaxy S5. Sony’s Xperia Z2? That’s a different story, and I’d rather wait, and fondle them both before picking an aesthetical winner. Who are you rooting for?

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