Limefuel returns to Kickstarter with new rugged L150XR battery

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Limefuel LogoFor the majority of situations, battery packs are fairly safe from damage or abuse. We tend to keep them stored with our other gadgets that are (hopefully) taken care of well. I’ve brought them with me outside and even on camping trips with no problems. However, danger can and will lurk around any corner.

All it takes is one spilled drink for an electronics to be KIA. In my case, it was a 10000mAh Anker Astro done in by 14oz of lemonade, right in my livingroom.

Life happens, which is why Limefuel is back again on Kickstarter with their latest external battery pack. The L150XR features a tough and rugged exterior, while providing 150000mAh of power on the inside. It’s crushproof, dust proof, and waterproof, when the cover is closed up. The IP66 rating means it’s the toughest battery you can possibly get your hands on.

Limefuel L150XR battery waterproofThe rugged L150XR features all the best that Limefuel delivers with its battery products: overcharge protection, pass-through charging, and auto detection for on/off shutoff.

The 2A input lets users recharge the L150XR faster than most other battery products on the market, which are limited by 1A or 1.5A inputs. A duo of 2.4A output ports charge everything from simple speakers to your favorite tablet.

A couple features new to the L150XR are a touch activated power indicator and a slot for straps or even tac-ties. The power indicator does away with the traditional 4-LED setup for a clearer and snazzier look. The added slot lets users attach the battery to their gear, ride, backpack, anything.

There are a number of different pledges available for the rugged Limefuel battery, depending on the capacity desired. Backers can choose from the L104XR 10400mAh battery, L130XR 13000mAh battery, and L150XR 15000mAh battery.

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