LithiumCard is the thinnest, full-feature external battery

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Linearflux LogoExternal battery packs are everywhere. While most of them are portable, very few are pocketable without having some sort of bulge in your pants. Some are small enough to carry inconspicuously with your wallet, keys, and phone; most of those tend to lack significant features, durability, battery capacity, or all the above.

LinearFlux is looking to fill that need for a slim, feature-filled external battery pack, with the launch of their new LithiumCard on Indiegogo.

Linear Flux LithiumCard portsThe LithiumCard is thin like a short stack of credit cards are thin, yet it boasts fully integrated cables, smart circuitry, and HyperCharging technology. The 1200mAh battery capacity is enough to recharge most smartphones halfway, at the least.

While some battery packs out there have a built-in cable to charge, a spare USB cable is still needed to recharge the battery itself.

With the LithiumCard, you’ll never have to carry or hunt around for such a cable again. The LithiumCard features a flip-out USB port for recharging, and either a Micro USB or Lightning Connector for most smartphones and mobile devices.

Linear Flux LithiumCardWhen energy is needed at a critical moment, 1 amp often won’t cut it, especially for many newer and more power-hungry devices. The LithiumCard’s HyperCharging technology delivers up to 2 amps or 10 watts of power, enough to boost a smartphone battery by 1 percent per minute.

If the LithiumCard is empty – no problem. The pass through charging lets you plug it in a port to charge it and the connected device at the same time.

But they don’t stop there! The LithiumCard bucks the all-plastic trend for aluminum housing. This battery is designed to be tough and durable without making sacrifices to looks or style. You can get one in silver, gold, or titanium.

Check out the LithiumCard Indiegogo page and see why this battery is already overfunded and in voting rounds for earning a Red Dot Award.

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